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We love beer as much as you do, as such our beers are full of flavour and made with passion. Unlike our mass produced counterparts, we brew by hand, the traditional way. We use water from the farm’s well, locally sourced malt and hops and just add time and dedication to create a cracking pint.


Church Farm Brewery is a family run craft brewery located on the family farm on the outskirts of Warwick.


In November 2012 we sold our herd of dairy cattle and converted the milking equipment into a microbrewery, we’ve never looked back since.


Flo is the real brains behind Church Farm Brewery (well she likes to think so anyway). She can be found anywhere from our sales meetings, patrolling the brewery yard, all the way to keeping our accountant in check.


She is a true character who is as much a part of Church Farm Brewery as our fantastic hand brewed beers.

Proud of how we do things!

As a traditional dairy farm, back in 2012 we decided to try doing something completely new and it’s been an exciting journey for us… And this is just the very start!